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Produce and sale of wire, pressed wire screens,
crimped screens and welded screens


ISO 50001:201110.6.2019

In January 2018 was in the company SITAP, s.r.o. the certificate audit for ISO 50001:2011. The company met all the conditions of this audit and is now certified for the system ISO 50001:2011. …

About us

History SITAP Company, Ltd. was founded in 1992, entry into the Commercial Register. The tradition of production in the local enterprise has existed since 1980. At that time it was a production associate collective farm Býškovice. In 1992 the company was bought by SITAP Ltd. and gradually expanded production. Then the products were: wire molded screens for quarries, gravel pits and sand pits, screening plants coal and coke producer OKD, ribbed fabric designed especially for gardening, protective covers machinery, breeding fur animals, etc. SITAP Company, Ltd. engaged in the manufacture and sale of pressed, and the knuckle of ribbed mesh, welded mesh and wire processin…